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12 Ways to Make Your Life Simpler

1. Stop multitasking. Focus on one thing at a time.

2. Get there ten minutes early. Avoid the confusion and hassle of arriving late.

3. Write things down. Organize your thoughts, and keep a list of tasks you need to complete.

4. Meditate. Breathe.

5. Enjoy the simple pleasures. Take the time to appreciate the things you are grateful for in life.

6. Eat slower. Relax. Enjoy your meals.

7. Go for walks. Slow life down a bit. Collect your thoughts.

8. Cut back on your possessions. Donate some of your things.

9. Keep a journal. Write down your thoughts and feelings to work through your challenges.

10. Plan your week ahead of time. Take fifteen minutes to sort through your schedule for the week.

11. Get plenty of sleep. Rest and relaxation will have you thinking clearly.

12. Stop watching television. No need to distract yourself more than what is necessary from your very busy life.

Source: www.johnnylists.com


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