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25 Tips for Creating Healthy Habits for Your Children +

You don’t have to be a nurse to know how important it is to learn and teach healthy habits at an early age. With more and more children acquiring the diseases of adults, such as diabetes and heart issues, it is more important than ever to keep your kids healthy. But with so much at stake and so little time to research everything, it can be a tough obstacle to climb.

To help you, we have gathered 25 tips for creating healthy habits for your children. They include guides, links, blogs, and more dedicated to just that and can include anything from a healthy recipe the whole family will love to a new favorite game.

Sites for Creating Health Habits for Your Children

  1. A favorite for kids of all ages, all the popular characters of the show are used to help make healthy habits. In fact, there is this particular section with toolkits for healthy habits. Watch videos, get tips, and loads of other fun on the site.

  2. Get all sorts of timely and expert tips on healthy habits for 

    children at WebMD. They have a special section for children’s health that includes items such as “Which Foods Keep Kids Hydrated” and “Knowing the Warning Signs of Depression.” There are also tons of parenting communities on line with more on specialty topics and expert blogs in the area.

  3. From Nemours comes this site all about health for kids. There are tons of tips for staying healthy, as well as useful guides for how the body works. There is even a kid’s dictionary of medical words and a special section for parents and teens.

  4. They have the specific goal of turning kids on to healthy habits with award winning theater shows. Check out clips, performances in your area, and many other resources on the site. There is also a blog with even more.

  5. This is a nutrition and activity guide from the American Dietetic Association. Parents can get the guide for information on environment, setting goals, mealtime tips, and more. You can even download the guide as a free PDF.

  6. Get health information for the whole family here. They have a special section for parents and kids that includes tips for healthy habits. You can also get answers to questions on health topics from acne to the health problems of grown-ups.

  7. Visit here for a pediatrician’s guide to your children’s health and safety. In this section, they focus solely on healthy habits. There are several steps and links to follow, as well as many other doctor approved guides on children’s health on the site.

  8. Songs 

    If you have a child that loves to sing and is in need of some healthy habits, click here. The site has many songs on every topic from brushing your teeth to the human body. Simply click on one to begin.

Tips for Creating Health Diet Habits for Your Children

  1. This diet sensation specializes in getting people to make simple switches as healthy habits. They continue in that tradition in this site for kids. In addition to seeing the best and worst choices at some of the country’s most popular eating establishments, you can even have kids take the online quiz.

  2. Amy provides her readers with tools and resources to get your 

    family eating more fruits and vegetables. There are tons of recipes and even a kid’s blog to choose from. You can even get free meal plans with a visit.

  3. Get tons of recipes for the whole family on this site with the goal of eating better in mind. They also have this special section for kids that includes everything from spaghetti and meatballs to hamburger buddy. There is even an active community where you can share your own recipes and thoughts.

  4. Visit here to get tips for creating healthy eating habits from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Children aged six to eleven can play games, read information, and get other related activities. There are also guides for pregnant mothers, preschoolers, and more.

  5. What better time to instill healthy eating habits than when they are babies? The folks at Momtastic have tons of tips on how to choose healthy baby foods. They even have a special section containing tons of baby food recipes you can make at home.

  6. In keeping with the above, a visit here can teach you how to make your very own baby food. Babycenter has highlights on choosing equipment, buying produce, minimizing nitrates, preparation, and serving the food. You can also get tons of other tips on everything from baby to mom.

  7. Get the kids more involved in their own healthy habits by preparing these kid friendly recipes. Provided by Disney, they include everything from pastries to salads. You can also find other recipes for adults and other guides to family fun.

  8. Another leading site, they too have a section for kids. Get loads of popular recipes for kids with a visit here. You can even add them to your own online personal recipe book.

  9. Which food placed in front of scooter snacks and mac and cheese? You’ll have to click on Taste of Home to find out. In addition to these healthy recipes, you can also get allergy free, a kids coloring cookbook, and more.

Tips for Creating Health Exercise Habits for Your Children

  1. Led by the First Lady, this program is a government funded effort to get America to “raise a healthier generation of kids.” Sections include learning the facts, eating healthy, getting active, and simple steps towards success. There is a blog with more and a Tools for Organizing download.

  2. Getting the whole family involved is an important step to creating 

    healthy habits for children. Catherine Holecko is a writer and editor specializing in parenting, who developed a special interest in kids’ health. Check out her blog for About.com with all sorts of creative tips for getting everyone active.

  3. This is a guide from the American Heart Association. Activities include a family health tree, what am I drinking, and a healthy scavenger hunt. You can also get tons of other resources for the whole family here.

  4. The folks at Happy Living Magazine have all sorts of tips for kids and adults. In this section, they discuss daily exercises for kids such as swimming, jump rope, and others. You can also get loads of related content with a click.

  5. If the weather isn’t cooperating with your quest to create healthy habits for your children, click here. It is a guide from Kidz World on fun exercises you can do inside. There are also sections for sports, school stuff, and even a KW zone.

  6. This site features help on getting kids to create healthy habits with sections for kids, parents, and even teachers. How to stay active on a rainy day, healthy birthday parties, and family vacations are all included. You can even get a guide on what BMI is.

  7. If you are a work at home mom who wants to do this, stop here. This special article shows how stay at home and work at home moms can encourage healthy habits throughout the day. There are also related articles and other tips for the WAHM.

  8. Make the most out of your child’s play time by stopping here. The site has games for any group or occasion, from classic games and travel games to autumn activities for the whole family. There are many games that can get you moving, in addition to a few sitting still ones.

And the above 25 tips for creating healthy habits for your children are just some of the good ideas out there. Be sure and check with a pediatrician before making any major changes to your child’s diet or exercise.

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