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Staying Safe and Anonymous on the Internet

  By Your Teacher Loving Beast I’d like to tell you the importance of staying safe and anonymous on the internet today. I have been recently reviewing an article with students about how hackers have used the owner’s computers and webcams to spy on people and post their findings in some really bad websites. This…

16 Ocak 2019 15 okunma

What About Group Sessions?

By Your Teacher Loving Beast Sorry it’s been awhile since I typed a last entry here. I’ve just been busy and I have a guest staying with me now. One of the things I like to talk about is being on time and life happening. Many times unfortunately I am delayed. I tell my students…

13 Ocak 2019 13 okunma

For Free Phone Calls =REBTEL

By Your Teacher Loving Beast In today’s world I need to stress the important values of staying together. As you may already know I have a daughter who is not living with me here in Turkey. She is in the US. Now the important fact to remember is that we contact each other at least…

13 Ocak 2019 13 okunma

Children’s Education

By Your Teacher Loving Beast I can agree that children’s education is very important and yes a good native english teacher is better than a course of non english speakers. However there are a few things I stress to parents. The first idea is that the parents are honestly the best teachers the kids will…

12 Ocak 2019 12 okunma

My New Headset :)

By Your Teacher Loving Beast Yesterday, my headset broke down finally after 2 years of service. IT was one of the first cordless mic versions of Logitech. So in a flash I was off to Vatan to buy a new cordless headset. The new cordless headset I settled on was the Logitech H800. I like…

12 Ocak 2019 16 okunma

Mistakes And Failures

  By Your Teacher Loving Beast Today I wanted to share a positive idea about mistakes and failures. So many times we are faced with the idea that we failed to do something correctly, or not at all. Then we focus on the idea that this was a mistake and we feel pain, shame, and…

11 Ocak 2019 17 okunma

100 Most Inspirational Quotes of All Times

1. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the escort bayanlar ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Mark Twain 2. Make each day your masterpiece….

10 Ocak 2019 15 okunma

Why We Have Problems In Speaking English?

  By Your Teacher Loving Beast Many times people wonder why they have problems in speaking english. Of course there are many reasons, part of which I will discuss here in today’s entry.  The first reason people have trouble with a language and most logical, is that they either do not know the proper grammar…

10 Ocak 2019 12 okunma

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