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The Facts that not Known From Everybody about Marilyn Monroe

From Roseanne Barr stating, “I’m more sexy than Pamela Lee or whoever else they’ve got out there these days. Marilyn Monroe was a size 16. That says it all”, to Elizabeth Hurley stating, “I’ve always thought Marilyn Monroe looked fabulous, but I’d kill myself if I was that fat…I went to see her clothes in…

25 Şubat 2019 15 okunma

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Romania

After two members of the Bored Panda team traveled to Romania on vacation, they were absolutely inspired by this country. This often-overlooked tourist destination is a hidden gem filled with beautiful forests, regal castles and epic mountains. Owing to its rich medieval history, Romania is positively saturated with beautiful castles in various states of repair….

24 Şubat 2019 17 okunma

What Makes for a Stable Marriage?

About a decade ago, the gossip on everyone’s lips was that “1/2 of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce.” That factoid was later disproven, but it left a lasting impression on the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes of America. In an effort to not become a part of that statistic, I started doing a little…

24 Şubat 2019 8 okunma

8 Things You Should Never Feed to Dogs and Cats

Veterinarians are finding that many of our most delicious foods, even healthy ones, can be deadly to animals. Who knew that a few sticks of sugar-free gum could kill your dog? Evidently many people don’t, but the veterinarians who spoke to AlterNet tell us they’re seeing more animals coming in with hypoglycemia after eating as…

23 Şubat 2019 33 okunma

Which One Better for You, Coffee or Tea?

It’s an age-old question: What’s better for you, coffee or tea? Even back in the 18th century, inquiring minds wanted to know. King Gustav III of Sweden, being of the belief that coffee was poisonous, devised an interesting experiment to answer the question definitively. He found two identical twins in prison, both sentenced to death…

22 Şubat 2019 8 okunma

10 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

Do you know which are the most peaceful countries in the world? Since 2007 each year, the Global Peace Index has been issued by the IEP (Institute for Economics and Peace) and is a measurement of nations’ and regions’ peacefulness based on external and internal measures. Although it seems like the world is becoming more…

22 Şubat 2019 18 okunma

European Spacecraft Could Find 70,000 New Alien Worlds

A European spacecraft that launched late last year could eventually discover 70,000 exoplanets, helping researchers better understand the number and characteristics of alien worlds throughout the galaxy, a new study reports. The European Space Agency’s star-monitoring Gaia mission, which launched in December 2013, should find about 21,000 alien planets over the course of its five-year mission…

21 Şubat 2019 11 okunma

The 8-Hour Sleep Myth

I’ve always been at odds with sleep. Starting around adolescence, morning became a special form of hell. Long school commutes meant rising in 6am darkness, then huddling miserably near the bathroom heating vent as I struggled to wrest myself from near-paralysis. The sight of eggs turned my not-yet-wakened stomach, so I scuttled off without breakfast….

21 Şubat 2019 8 okunma

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