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Mistakes And Failures


By Your Teacher Loving Beast

Today I wanted to share a positive idea about mistakes and failures. So many times we are faced with the idea that we failed to do something correctly, or not at all. Then we focus on the idea that this was a mistake and we feel pain, shame, and fear. Then we try to blame someone or something else that might have caused this situation to happen. This is a horrible waste of time, effort, and energy. It leaves us in a bad mindset, and makes our minds and maybe even our bodies even weaker to actually do something positive to either learn from the mistake, or to do something good to fix and repair the situation. 

This sad idea came from the poor teachers in our lives. Teaching us to be ashamed and embarrassed about ourselves and punished us for not completing something. This kind of education is actually WRONG. They were sadly and pathetically misinformed and I dare say undereducated themselves. They should have been teaching the more important point to learn from the mistake and turn this idea into something positive. These educators should have been far more tolerant than they actually were. This way they could have taught us to be brighter and more helpful. 

It’s due to these bad teachers I’ve had, I chose to adopt the style of teaching I’m currently using with my students, in where I try to teach the value of the homework, and the sad shame that I cannot be with them constantly, so they need to practice english at some point away from me. In time their skills will grow and this progress could also be seen by the homework as well as other valuable lessons. It signals to me what a student needs the most help in understanding and maybe even how I might be failing the student, so I could improve myself for them. You see, in reality, when a student fails a lesson, or doesn’t remember it very well, it’s not so much the student’s fault, it could be the teachers fault as well, so in a sense, they both fail. So the best course of action is to not focus on the failure, but understand the why the failure is happening and to take positive steps to correct the mistakes so it won’t happen again. No shame, No blame, and definitely no pain. 

So if you find a cruel heartless teacher that thinks the opposite idea, is a wonderful thing. Please feed them to me, because I love to eat the ignorant arrogant jerks, because I am a Loving Beast! 🙂 

So until next time please take care of yourself, and your mistakes.


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