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Why We Have Problems In Speaking English?


By Your Teacher Loving Beast

Many times people wonder why they have problems in speaking english. Of course there are many reasons, part of which I will discuss here in today’s entry. 

The first reason people have trouble with a language and most logical, is that they either do not know the proper grammar or the words of the language. This might either be due to forgetting what they were taught, were taught incorrectly, or they might not have been paying attention to the lesson very well. In each of these cases we can understand that their part of the brain that is interpreting the language is failing, so to help them their native language side kicks in to try to “help” the failing part of their brain. Ultimately this doesn’t really assist much at all as they start warping the language and thus have problems expressing themselves at a rate which is fast enough to speak the idea that they want to say effectively. The answer to this problem is NOT through practicing the poor grammar and repeating words known over and over again, but through proper re-education of the brain to work properly, otherwise this only re-enforces the bad skills and of course the poor language beliefs they have. 

Speaking is honestly hard work. It is so difficult to form words, think of ideas, listen to responses, and then pay attention to pronunciation all at the same time. This is why I always try to encourage my students to slow down. This way, even though they may feel embarrassed or ashamed because of their slower rate of speech, they won’t feel even worse when the person they are trying to convey a complex idea to doesn’t even understand them at all. In time they naturally develop proper language skills and speed when they practice properly.

Repetition. To some degree repeating an idea or words to help someone remember is helpful in the class room, but the problem comes when the student is in the REAL world, and they need to express their own ideas, thoughts, and feelings about something. They were so conditioned in repetition that they do not know how to express these ideas, and sadly enough they start to fail. Repetition also kills vocabulary, as they are so used to repeating their little vocabulary lists and phrases, that when faced with a new concept or a word that wasn’t on their list, they mentally malfunction. This mental malfunction literally stuns the brain, and the shock can last for a couple of minutes, as the brain tries to recover from the new idea to digest it, in some of the worst cases. So by exposing the learners to new vocabulary even if they do not fully understand it very well, in some degree lessens this effect, and gives the student a chance to try out new vocabulary on his or her own. 

The last reason I’ll give is stress. Stress and over exertion can cause even the best speakers to fail and make mistakes. The problem when they do this, is that they often make the situation worse by worrying or being ashamed of themselves and adding more stress to the situation then there really needs to be. As I already mentioned, this is a function of the brain that interprets language, and so like any part of the body that isn’t bone, it could be compared to a muscle. IF the muscle does NOT have the endurance to last for long periods of time doing something, then it will feel pain, fatigue, and ultimately want to shut down to rest. Of course through proper conditioning and excercise on a regular basis it can withstand longer periods of time functioning without the side effects. SO It’s important to realize that in english pain does NOT equal gain. If your feeling tired sore or having a headache. Take a nap, do some meditation or try to not add to your stress level, this way this gives your brain time to rest and recouperate from the hard work it did. 

So until next time, Please take care of yourself and your brain as it actually is the greatest little computer on the face of this earth. 



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